For 35 years we had a small breeding program with only a few kittens a year. At this moment we do not have any open cats left for breeding. The cats and kittens on this page and website are for viewing pleasure only!


Interested in a Jerba Nicol kitty?

Please read before inquiring!

A polite introduction of yourself and where you live, and if you are a breeder... of your breeding program goals, the way you house your cats, how many, what lines you are working with, etc. is appreciated on all inquiries and will elicit a faster response. Also please tell me if you are inquiring for a show/breed, show/neuter, breed or pet kitten. References for responsible pet, breed and show owners are encouraged!

Do not hesitate to call me at 0031-38-3325308 (preferable) or contact me for any details on my kittens. However, only serious inquiries will be answered. No massively shoppings around please!

Jerba Nicol kittens and cats were produced from only the best of selective breeding of 35 years dedicated to improving the Persian and Exotic breed. The cats at Jerba Nicol were bred specifically for show quality kittens for show competitions. We in first place bred for ourselves. However, sometimes we may got show/breeder quality or pet quality kittens available for responsable owners.

My kittens were hand raised in a family environment where they were well socialized. They were very used to being bathed and groomed before leaving to their new home. All kittens were healthy and came from PKD negative parents. Jerba Nicol kittens and cats were well known as for their outstanding personality!

The prices of my kittens depended on each individual kitten's bloodlines, type and applicable markings. Prices were not negotiable so I did not like to get any haggling over fees or trades. Kittens/cats for showing in premiorship should have been half of the show/breeding price. Kittens sold as pets would have been neutered/spayed or were sold with a spay/neuter contract only. I did not resell adult cats for breeding as well as I did not sell kittens who were meant to be to be the only cat in the house!

All Jerba Nicol kittens were sold on a co-ownership with the breeder to protect the kitten from being resold without the agreement and signatures of all co-owners!

Usually I allowed to pick up the kittens between 4 and 6 months of age. From about this age only the kittens have had basic inoculations and developed the physical and social stability to adjust to a new environment. At that time they of course were wormed and updated on their vaccinations. For shipping this also included European pet-passport, microchip & rabies.

Kittens for transport by air needed to be at least 5 months old and needed to be picked up by the new owner itself. Sorry... I did not ship kittens by cargo, as well as could not accommodate shipping requirements to quarantine countries!

When choosing a showkitten from Jerba Nicol, I expected the new owner would show it to its full potential, while giving it the best grooming, care and of course... lots of love. It is understood that kittens were for the breeder's individual program, and not to be shared or re-sold to other parties. Jerba Nicol kittens were placed in loving, small and approved home environments only. I did not sell to catteries with cages and to 'commercial' catteries who sold their cats and kittens in online auctions. Also please do not inquire if you have none-healthy cats.

A strict signed contact still is required on all Jerba Nicol cats and kittens!!! Additionally... several of my cats I have purchased with restrictions, whereas I agreed to not sell their offspring to certain regions and/or countries. So please do not ask me to violate these restrictions. I will never for any reason break a contract because it is a matter of personal integrity.

Jerba Nicol reserves the right of refusal for the sale or reservation of any kitten at anytime without explanation.

Thank you for your understanding,